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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 8, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. fox 5 is all over three developing stories. dangerous gas levels dropping inside the uner big branch mines. rescue teams can start moving in at any moment. a diplomat accused of sparking a terrorist scare is being kicked out of the country in hours. we're learning more about the terrorist he was supposed to meet. we'll start tonight with a developing weather story.
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fast moving and powerful storms have been pounding parts of our area all night. >> winds out there are really whipping. we're talking gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. it is coming down out there right now. i understand more could be on the way. fox 5's sue palka is tracking it all from the weather center tonight. what's the latest some. >> the second round is moving in right now. the first round that went through that did produce those winds gusting 50 to 60 have moved very quickly. they're out. now we have a second round. these don't have quite the wind gusts with them but they're still pretty powerful and heavy rain between a quarter and half- inch. from d.c. to alexandria down 95 to fredricksburg. get in a little bit tighter, not finding as much lightning but there are some gusts out there and significantly heavy rain. you can see that from waldorf to la plata to chesapeake beach. farther down 95 and we find it near the fredricksburg area too. everything moving northeast at 40 miles an hour. this is a solid line of rain. i'll take you over to trueview.
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to our south some of these storms have been rotating. that's in southern virginia where we've seen some tornado watches and warnings n. line is so solid, it's literally up and down the east coast. winds are getting a little bit better. these storms even go all the way down to a -- to augusta. reagan national report add wind gust just shy of 06 miles an hour. -- 60 miles an hour. annapolis 46. andrews 54 and falls church, virginia had a wind gust to 60. hope you can find your garbage can in the morning. we still have some significant gusts out there between 25 and 30 and the rain is pretty significant. i think it will taper off after 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. great news about the weekend forecast and of course this is all the beginning of a big temperature change. i'll have those details for you coming up good see you in a few minutes. we're following new developments in west virginia.
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officials say dangerous gases trapped in the upper big branch mine are clearing. >> rescue crews could resume their search for the four missing miners sometime tonight. tom fitzgerald live in montcoal with the latest. >> reporter: that news was welcome here in montcoal tonight but the question remains when will officials be able to get the 32 members of the search and rescue team back up on to that mountain and into the mine. it all comes at the end of the day where bad luck and bad weather teamed up to keep this search on hold. as night fell on the big branch mine in montcoal, west virginia, dark clouds continued to hound the search for four missing miners. >> they don't have the margin of safety right now to say that they can go. >> reporter: search teams were able to enter the mine early thursday morning, but after making the four-mile underground journey to the blast site, they had to be pulled out. once again methane gas levels had risen to explosive levels.
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>> very angry. you can imagine hauling equipment for a long distance, getting up there, getting exactly where you need to be and then have to double time back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: the weather also hampered the search. rain storms affected the barometric pressure which has slowed the rate that the methane can be venteds. >> at the pressure drops, it forces those gases out and we're hoping that with the barometric pressure going up, the fans running, that that's going to help drop those levels continually and they'll be to believe get back in very soon. >> reporter: to make matters worse, the rain also made a mess of the roads that had just been cleared on top of the mountain to drill down into the mine shaft. >> they just built roads yesterday. it's quite a challenge. with that we've got to make sure those roads stay open. we can't use a helicopter to fly them back and forth because of inclement weather. >> reporter: 116 the 125 men -- 11 of the 25 men killed were
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able to be recovered monday and funerals are beginning. like so many families, west virginia's coal mining family is now coming home to mourn. shavan moved to ohio but drove here because after growing up in this community, she says it's time like these west virginians stick together. >> i feel sorry for the ones that are here and waiting to find out if that's their loved ones there or not. >> reporter: last briefing we received this evening was at 7:30. the governor says he's going to come back to talk to us again in about 25 minutes. again the pressure inside that mine, the methane levels have been dropping. we're going to get an update and we will bring you the latest developments as they occur. back into you. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. for updates on the mine 24/7, you can log on to we have the latest on recovery and rescue efforts and the history of the mine's safety records. our other big story tonight, a terrorism scare on a
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flight from d.c. to denver. officials say mohammad al- maddati a diplomat from qatari caused a scare in an airplane bathroom. tonight we're learning more about the punishment the diplomat is and is not facing. fox 5's bob barnard is live in the newsroom now with the story. >> reporter: shawn, an official diplomatic speak, the young man at the center of last night's terrorism scare is now being recalled by his government. in other words, he's getting kicked out of the u.s. for his high flying stunt for which anybody else would be facing serious criminal charges. his name is mohammad al- maddati, a junior diplomat at the qatari embassy in washington, accused of smoking a cigarette in a bathroom on a flight from reagan national to denver and joking he tried to light his shoes on fire when caught by the flight crew. >> this is a serious issue.
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any of us who travel on airlines are reminded of that every time we take off. >> reporter: but al-maddati is a diplomat from a friendly middle eastern country and has diplomatic up community and will not face charges witnessed by james smith's husband. >> some guy got mad in first class and had a tantrum. he was kind of chuckling about it. >> reporter: the f.b.i. briefly took him into custody. >> he was brought to a denver where we were able to determine what had happened. >> reporter: the ambassador in washington said he sent al- maddati on official business to meet with this sleeper agent serving eight years in a colorado prison. the man was arrested aft september 11 attacks and pled guilty last year for conspiring to commit terrorism. diplomats often visit foreigners held in the united states to make sure they're
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being treated well. >> it's one of the things that diplomats do. >> reporter: qatari is a small country and home base to u.s. military officials in charge of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. diplomat al machine maddati -- al-maddati was supposedly brought back this afternoon. he will be leaving the country within hours. where he's going isn't clear. either home or to some other country to again serve as a diplomat. >> bob barnard live in the newsroom. 20 people are out of their homes tonight after an intense fire. this one lit up in -- lit up the sky in greenbelt this morning. bright orange flames shot from the town homes. the fire spread fast as the building started to collapse. but everyone made it out okay. >> my initial reaction was that's actually a fire. i ran and told people to get
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out of the house. yelling basically. gently everyone came out. >> displaced families are in temporary housing. firefighters think it started behind an end unit but they do not have a cause. tiger's back taking his first swings in a tournament since the sex scandal. he hit the links at the masters in augusta, georgia today teeing off in front of the media and dozens of fans. feldy, how was tiger received? >> tiger woods said he doesn't know what to expect today. he said he hoped he got some applause and he hoped most of it would be for good golf. but given all that has transpired over the last five months, you had to believe tiger woods was nervous about how today would go. on a day when nothing was normal, tiger woods received his standard response when leaving the range. [ applause ] >> reporter: the closer he got to the first tee, the louder the patrons responded building up to a cress seen dough upon
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-- crescendo upon his production. >> tiger woods [ cheers and applause ] >> in terms of just love for the game and excitement, i think this crowd -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the response was overwhelmingly positive on the grounds of augusta national. but high above an airplane with the message "tiger, did you mean bootyism ," a play on words referencing tiger's buddhist believes showed not everyone supported him. >> boo, i mean boo-ism. no, that's not nice. >> i thought that was pretty stupid. if somebody was going to do something like that, they could have come up with a better slogan. that was pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: tiger eagled two holes, and went to a two under 68, his best round ever. >> if tiger wins this tournament, is he a man of steel for sure because of all
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the distracks, it's just -- distractions, it's just unbelievable. >> it was incredible. from the time i went to the putting green to put, the range, off to the first tee and pretty much all day, it was just incredible. >> there were flashes of a more personable tiger woods. after one tee shot in the gallery on number five, a man says let's go, tiger. where am i going to go, woods said back with a smile? he also at times did show a little bit of the temper. on 11 he hit a wayward tee shot. he twirled the club. he didn't slam it but he twirled it. he yelled but not profanity. but for the most part it seemed like a mild mannered guy. 99.9 it went as good as it can.
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fare hike or service cuts. riders are getting their say on what metro should do on their budget gap. a d.c. hot spot is told it's maxed out. find out where you won't find any new restaurants or bars. your favorite antibacterial products bad for your health? we've got what you need to know. you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. our 90-minute power block of news is just getting started. we'll be right back. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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new bars and restaurants banned in a popular d.c. neighborhood and business leaders are fuming. constituent says the 14th and u street corridor has reached its max. it's keeping new eateries from opening. roby chavez sorts out both sides of the zoning controversy. >> reporter: the 14th and u street corridor is one ever the hottest areas -- of the hottest
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areas in the city. it's filled with new restaurants and bars but no more. this ruling by dcra says the area has reached its capacity and no more permits will be issued for restaurant, bars, diners, coffee shops and carryouts. it has started an uproar. >> i don't favor overconcentration. i don't favor just complete ineligibility for any kind of additions. and that's when i fear we have at the present time. i mean, the door has slammed shut on any businesses, new businesses at all. and so it's about strike be the right balance. >> reporter: the mid city business association is slamming the decision calling it outdated and harmful. business leaders also say it discourages entrepreneurs and sends the message that d.c. is not business friendly. some residents say the area is big enough for everyone. >> people want to come in, put restaurants and businesses in. there are the empty store
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fronts. there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to come in and do that. it's a great area. it's up and coming and there's no reason to slow that down. >> reporter: over the last five years this area has blossomed and there are still many store fronts yet to be developed but those who live in this neighborhood say the growth has been a bit much. >> it's not what it used to be. not fun anymore. >> reporter: dcra has done some measuring on the street store fronts and has determined restaurants and bars has indeed reached the maximum 25% as allowed by zoning. >> people don't want u street to become bourbon street. people want a measured approach to all of this. but i think we can achieve both. >> reporter: glen lynn johnson has lived here for 12 years and walks her dog shadow every day. reluctantly she says it may be time to slow things down. >> i hate to put down anybody who wants to open up a business right now because the economy really needs people in business
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but in this neighborhood we just about reached our limit. >> reporter: in the u street corridor, roby what vez, fox 5 news. won't be able to get anywhere near the convention center monday. streets will be shut down and parking pushed back because of the g nuclear summit. >> the only thing we've seen in recent years on the scale of materials of security would be the inauguration. but we shut down the city for the inauguration. in this case the city will be working. everybody will be out and about. >> the mount vernon metro station will be closed and several bus routes will be altered. make sure you have another way around for monday and tuesday. now to a traffic alert for metrorail riders tonight. the red line is moving slowly through the tacoma station. one ever the outbound tracks is cracked. there is a temporary fix in place but trains are only
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allowed to go 15 miles an hour through the area. metro expects to replace the cracked rail by tomorrow morning's rush. metro riders have had their say on how the transit agency should close a huge budget gap. metro is considering everything from fare hikes to service cuts f. riders get their way, you will be paying more to ride the rails. john henrehan explains. if you wish to participate in an opinion poll on possible options to resolve funding shortfall. >> reporter: in addition to six well attended public hearings on possible fare hikes for metrorail and metro bus, managers ask ridetories fill out lengthy online questionnaires on how metro should solve its projected budget deficit. more than 3600 riders responded choosing among dozens of options. 80% of respondents favored raising off-peak rail fares. 76% favored raising rowr rail fare -- rush hour rail fares.
10:20 pm
the next possible solution? ask local governments to kick in subsidies. that tied with a surcharge for the busiest part of rush hours. far less popular were the options of trimming rail service in the middle of the day and evening hours. only 14% favored that. only 11% wanted metro to stop running eight-car trains during rush hour and only 7% favored shutting down metrorail at midnight on fridays and saturdays. a 2007 survey of metro customers found bus riders are generally less affluent than rail riders. and among the customers we chatted with, rail riders appeared to strongly favor fare hikes over service cuts. >> raise fares. >> reporter: you're willing to pay more? >> absolutely. you need it. >> reporter: asked to choose between service cuts and fare hikes, the bus riders we spoke with liked neither option.
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>> no. >> reporter: you won't pay more in fares? >> no. >> reporter: mng managers at metro worried about reprogramming the fare card system and changing the signage are pressuring the board to make a decision on possible fare hikes by may 1. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 goes one on one with the first lady. michele obama tells us some of her favorite hot spots around town. why your antibacterial soap may be doing more harm than good. the key ingredient that could make you sick. this tv producer now a murder suspect. who police say he killed and dumped in a gutter. 
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a warning for anyone using popular antibacterial products. they may be no better than soap and water. some studies suggest the key ingredient could be harmful. melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: american consumers spend nearly a billion dollars
10:25 pm
a year on antibacterial products. soaps, cot metrics, -- cosmetics, even clothing and toys supposed to keep germs from growing. >> people are using them in their homes every day thinking they're doing something better and they may be exposing their families to some health risks. >> reporter: now the fda agrees with part of that statement. in a letter to congressman ed markey of massachusetts, the agency said it is not aware of any evidence that antibacterial washes were superior to plain soap and water. in 2005 dr. ralph hadden of johns hopkins university told fox 5 his study showed the key chemical in theseproducts is present in 60% of u.s. teams, -- streams, much of our food supply and human breast milk. >> we eat beef and fish. so we have accumulated to a greater extent. we see high concentrations in fat tissues in humans.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: animal studies show this class of chemicals can harm brain and reproductive development and affect u.s. fish and wildlife service environmental toxicologist told us has been seen in aquatic life. >> we're seeing males showing female characteristics. >> reporter: the fda and epa are studying whether that exposure is harmful to people. additional research on the potential health consequences of triclosan is warranted epa said. still congress may try to step in with legislation first. >> so that's a good step in the right direction but it shouldn't take an act of congress for the fda to protect us from dangerous chemicals. >> reporter: the food and drug administration's consumer page says triclosan is not currently known to be hazardous to humans and isn't recommending that people do anything different with the products.
10:27 pm
you should know that this issue does not apply to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. fox 5 giving you access to one of the most popular women in the country. first lady michele obama is talking about her new hometown. find out where she'd go if you could leave the motorcade behind. are you in hiding this time of year? i'm beth parker. what to do about those allergies. as prosecutors lay out how they feel nancy kerrigan's brother killed their father just ahead. [ female announcer ] you know the feeling.
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more than a year in the life life, michele obama. here's steve with more of his one on one interview at the
10:31 pm
white house. >> reporter: just because your address may be the most famous in the country doesn't mean you can't get out once in a while and that's what first lady michele obama likes to do. she enjoys taking in the local sights and flairs. >> it feels -- flavors. >> it feels like home. i don't want to be too presumptuous. i feel i should put in a little more time but this is home without a doubt. >> reporter: it may be an adopted home but first lady michele obama is embracing all of washington absorbing its beauty and understanding its challenges. >> when you hear about something like ten people shot at a drive-by in southeast washington, do you think this is in my city now? >> yeah, yeah. well, you know, it's been in my city for a long time. we grew up on the south side of chicago, you know. unfortunately the stories of, you know, young kids getting gunned down is a part of life and you never want to get too comfortable with it. but when it happens more and
10:32 pm
more, you know, you don't get used to it but it exists and living here is just a reminder that these, you know, these issues aren't unique to chicago. they're happening all across this country and, you know, we need to make sure our kids are protected, that they're getting the kind of education that they need, that they have the opportunities to really see a life for themselves. >> reporter: there is always a youthful presence at the white house from the local schoolchildren who come to visit to the two youngsters who call the white house home. >> what's it like being a mom in the white house? >> really, it's like a mom anywhere. the rules are the rules no matter what. you know, we're still focused on their world, even with a father who's in the midst of doing with world crises. it's important to sit down at the dinner table and have the first thing he does is to ask them about their day and actually sit and listen to it and ask questions and remember the friends' names and the
10:33 pm
teachers' names. that's what makes kids feel like they're at the center of the universe. >> reporter: outside of the white house, though, the first lady has had to adjust to having little privacy and a lot of attention. if you could leave that motorcade behind for a day, no one would bother you and you could go anywhere in the area, what would you do? >> oh, gosh, there's so many places. i'd take a walk. i'd take a quiet walk along the reservoir and look at the cherry blossoms. then i'd sort of meander in and maybe go to georgetown and get a cup of coffee and sit and read a book. then i'd get in the car and go into bethesda. maybe do a little shopping. it would be a normal day. i'd have my radio on, the windows down, music blasting, you know. those are my fantasies. >> reporter: a normal life. what you could do when you don't have a whole bunch of people around you. i know you said at one point
10:34 pm
you would sneak out of the white house. did you really do that? were you able to get away? >> there are moments when you can quietly do some things. i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: this is the first family that does like to be out in public, though. from their now famous date nights to grabbing a burger to touring d.c. landmarks. >> there's nothing like washington at night, you know, when the sky is dark and you're standing in the middle of the jefferson memorial and it is quiet and the wind is blowing. it's really profoundly beautiful. >> reporter: yet in a city rich with beauty and deep in history for the first lady, no monument can measure up to the city's greatest treasure. the best thing about being able to live here in washington is what? >> the people. good people and good community. you go into virginia, mclean, alexandria, southeast, northeast. you go out into the communities
10:35 pm
and you get a different feel but the people are still, you know, rock solid and that's probably the best part about washington are its people. >> reporter: as for those famous date nights with the president, i asked the first lady if she had a spot picked out for their next date. she says she has a pretty good idea but she's going to keep that for a secret for now. at the white house, steve chenevey, fox 5 news. >> got to love those date nights and keeping them private. there's much more. he gets the take on her favorite local hot spots. president obama has sign add landmark treaty aimed at reducing nuclear weapons in the united states and russia. secretary of state hillary clinton and others looked on as president obama and the russian president signed their names to the new start treaty in prague. it includes plans to cut nuclear arsenals to nearly a third and drop the number of missiles, submarines and bombers carrying them by half. >> the new treaty is an
10:36 pm
important first step forward. it is just one step on a longer journey. as i said last year in prague, this treaty will set the stage for further cuts. in going forward we hope to pursue discussions with russia on reducing both our strategic and tactical weapons, including nondeployed weapons. >> next week the leaders of 47 nations will meet in d.c. to discuss concrete steps to secure nuclear materials around the world in the next four years. less than a week after the ipad's debut, big changes are coming to apple. we have details on those upgrades still ahead tonight. plus, you are living in one ever the worst places in the country for allergies right now. find out what you can do to cut the sneezing. the count down is on. "glee" returns in days. we're going to take you behind the scenes coming up. 
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he was a producer for cbs' show survivor. now he's suspect number one in his wife's death. bruce beresford redman reported his wife missing on monday. they were in cancun at the time. her body was found today in a sewer near the resort where they were staying. witnesses say they saw the couple fighting sunday. today would have been monica's birthday. figure skater nancy kerrigan's brother has officially been charged in the death of their father. mark kerrigan will be tried for manslaughter. daniel kerrigan was trying to calm his son down when mark grabbedded his father around the throat in a drunken rage and tried choking him. the family said they do not blame mark for their father's
10:41 pm
death. they say the father had a heart condition. idaho national guardsman was captured last summer in afghanistan. on the video he says please bring me home. he also talks about the pain of not being able to see his family. the video was posted and described by intel center which monitors websites used by extremist groups. u.s. officials are rushing billions of dollars of new protective gear to troops in afghanistan. they say the number of roadside bombs in the war torn country has doubled in the past year. the number of road clearing teams is also being doubled there. the news follows warnings from the pentagon of an increase in casualties in the months ahead. we're following breaking news right now out of west virginia. officials are updating us on the push to get back into the upper branch mine, the search for four missing miners.
10:42 pm
>> any questions we'll have on that we'll turn over to kevin but the short message is we're going to make a determination on whether we feel safe to reenter the mine with the atmosphere we have or if we believe that atmosphere is not changing enough. we have nitrogen supplies that will be ready when we make the decision to start -- [ indiscernible ] >> a live press conference in montcoal, west virginia. you get a sense they're still testing the air samples making it safe for rescuers to go down. four missing miners. we're live streaming right now this press conference on the n.f.l. turning into a family affair. one local father grooming every son for a football career. we're going to introduce you to the gig name n.f.l. prospect next. still some downpours around
10:43 pm
the region. i'm give you a live look at trueview as we're watching the storms moving pretty quickly through the region. we don't quite see a backedge and they're still really active and still some rotating storms down to our south. maybe a quarter to half-inch of rain. when will it be out of here? i'll let you know coming up. 
10:44 pm
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10:46 pm
you heard of -- [ inaudible ] a maryland father is paving the way for one of his sons to go pro and prepping the others to follow in his footsteps. wisdom martin has their story. >> reporter: in this household, football is a family affair. there's the father, joe.
10:47 pm
his wife. their son. the oldest is joe, a defensive back at florida and is about to be drafted into the n.f.l. josh played at boston college. jordan is currently at florida. jonathan who is an eighth grader and already catching the eye of some major colleges and jacob. >> the house was just, you know, the most competitive household you ever want to see. >> reporter: the hayden football dynasty started when dad realized the talent he had in his boys at an early age. >> we'd go to the park. i would be working out, go to the gym. i would just bring them, let them be around me, see what i'm doing. >> reporter: he left his career of more than 20 years and started hayden sports and performance about five years ago. >> he had a passion for t. he loved to body build. he loved to lift. he loved working with the kids. he was good at it. >> if i don't succeed at this, there are a lot of people that are going to be affected. >> reporter: all the while raising and training his beds
10:48 pm
to be the best by outworking everybody else. >> the wife would be out there talking to month and dads about scholarships and i would be working them out physically. >> reporter: the gamble paid off. hayden sports is growing. his sons are excelling. joe, jr. who was part of two national championships with the florida gators is expected to be drafted in the first round of the n.f.l. draft. >> i'll finally be able to play the game i love and pay for it and support my family. >> reporter: it's a true success story, not just a family raising good football players but good young men who could succeed at anything. >> i knew at the end of the day as language as i was a good person and got my grades, they were going to be proud of me. >> as a father it's overwhelming sometimes. >> wow, those are my kids. >> literally i sometimes get overwhelmed. >> it's surreal. >> it's like a dream. >> reporter: the n.f.l. draft is april 22.
10:49 pm
joe who we featured in that story majored in sociology and is already finished with classes at the university of florida. it's an amazing story, great family. it's turned out outstanding. i'm so excited about this story and i'm not even getting drafted. >> indeed a great story, wisdom. we certainly wish them the best. let us know how it turns out. >> very nice. great work, mom and dad. the cooldown is also exciting. >> there's a lot of drama in the weather department. we're seeing not only gusty winds and the rain and storms around but big drops in temperatures too. the winds are better than earlier. the first line of thunderstorms that came through were really, really gusty but they're a little bit better now. you can see that the camera is not shaking as much as it has been but we're still getting the rain out there. we'll start with radar so you can see what we're talking about all around the region. we still have a pretty decent
10:50 pm
downpour going on. this will produce between a quarter and half-inch. we'll get you down to the south and you'll be able to see there's still more down there and even some strong lines of thunderstorms with some rotation down toward the richmond area not heading we don't think in our direction but might skim you down to the south. down to our south we're still finding that east of 95 in fredricksburg. max hd satellite and radar puts the whole thing in motion so you can see the progress. these storms are moving northeast at a miles an hour, the earlier line. we have another batch still to come. this has been a real solid line out ahead of a frontal system. it goes from new york state all the way down to florida. so if you were watching some of the masters earlier, that was the same rain they were getting but here comes the clearing. don't be surprised in the morning if you live in southern maryland and over here on the delmarva peninsula, you might still have a brief shower left but it will clear there too. while we did pick up some winds gusting closer to 60 miles an hour at reagan and falls church
10:51 pm
and many other spots near 50 as the storms came through, gusts are better now down to 24 miles an hour. check out the temperatures. we're -- we were in the mid-80s today. we're down in the 50s now. still a little bit warmer off to our east but you'll be dropping as well and most places will see our temperatures in the 50s. on the other side of the mountains temperatures in the 40s and it's back to reality for sure. our little taste of summer is over now. we'll have a little bit of spring weather and really a beautiful weekend coming. very, very nice. average high is 64. we'll be cooler than that tomorrow. you'll notice the chill for sure because ever the additional breeze -- of the additional breeze. saturday less breezy, a lot of sunshine, 65 degrees. tomorrow will be sunny as well. so nice for sunday at 73 degrees and monday 70 degrees. we know a lot of you have big plans for the weekend. 65 on saturday with plenty of sunshine. only dropping to about 46 at
10:52 pm
night. temperatures around the region tonight in the 50s. low 50s in some spots. and we'll have these showers for the next several hours and then winding down slowly. most of the thunderstorm activity just about over for our area. so showers and storms. more storms south, 55 degrees. the breeze continues not only today but tomorrow with the cooler temperatures back in town. sunny and breezy. 62 degrees. that is our high temperature. here's the five-day forecast. we're definitely talking about a nice moderation in temperatures. gets in here sunday at 73 degrees as we previewed the weekend forecast. right now i think monday looks great at 70. tuesday 68 degrees. most of next week looking fantastic. but coming up on the news edge at 11:00, we'll keep a close eye on radar and see what's coming our way. >> thank you, sue. there is one specific group of people that might be really happy to see the rain go. allergy sufferers. >> the last few weeks have been pretty rough on all of them. beth parker shows us the science behind the ranking.
10:53 pm
>> eyes running, itching, tearing, people coughing and wheezing. >> reporter: that's because the pollen counts right now in the d.c. area are exceptionally high. now, it's not just that there's a lot of pollen this year but it's also shown up early. >> here we are in the first week of april or the second week of april hitting just astronomical numbers. just look at your car. >> reporter: you can look at your car. susan is a microbiologist with a much more scientific approach. here it is on the job. it's on a rooftop at the forest glen annex of walter reid in silver spring. they make these clear rods sticky. >> you can see two polystyrene what we call rotor rods that are greased on the sides so
10:54 pm
that when they spin at 2400rpms when the sampler comes o they collect whatever is out in the atmosphere. >> reporter: she says wednesday was the second highest day they've seen since they started the pollen survey at walter reed 12 years ago. >> we do the best we can. it's sort of years ago from an art form into a science but most certainly it enables us to get a very good estimate per cubic meter of air. >> reporter: advice from allergist dr. jerry schier, shower at night to get the pollen off your body. use saline. to flush the nose. coming up next on the news edge, the diplomat who smoked on a packed plane last night did more than just set off the bomb scare. he also cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. a giant fire tore through
10:55 pm
this local building today but that wasn't the only danger. why witnesses and firefighters also heard explosions inside.
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10:58 pm
it's almost time for the spring premier and "glee" cast members have plenty of tricks under their sleeves. jill dobson has the behind-the- scenes scoop. >> reporter: warm up those vocal cords. we've got the latest scoop from coach sue sylvester herself. >> sloppy freak show. >> we did a whole episode devoted to madonna, ten songs. it's probably the best hour of television i've ever seen. i do the video with chris and
10:59 pm
amber and niah and heather. and it's pretty amazing. i recommend that everybody watch the vogue video, madonna's video before they see ours because it's very close to t. they captured the lighting and black and white, the costumes and it's just pretty amazing. we also have an episode with olivia newton john where we do physical. we remake the physical video. that was a dream come true. i'm a huge fan. i always sing olivia newton john songs in care crow tee. -- in karoke. >> reporter: this song and dance act doesn't stop when the cameras turn off. >> i sing all day long. then the kids sing like in their regular life. i don't hear anybody humming. it's just me and i don't get to sing enough. >> reporter: she says she's having a blast playing the heavy. >> i like to see myself as a pretty nice person but i don't have to reach too


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